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Steps to take to become an NDIS participant and what will happen throughout this journey?

The NDIS, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an organisation that allows people with disabilities to have a happy and fulfilling life. The NDIS’s aim is to make every NDIS participant achieve their most desired goals. NDIS provides support such as funding each participant so that they are able to reach their goals without feeling limited to opportunities.

Are you eligible?

You can become an NDIS participant if you have a permanent or significant disability usually within the age of 7 to 65. If you live in Australia and are either an Australian resident, Australian citizen, Permanent Visa holder or a Protected Special Category visa holder, you are also eligible to become an NDIS participant. This scheme is here to support people with disabilities, if you:

- regularly need support from a person due to your disability

- use special equipment for mobility

- or want support to become more independent

are all valid reasons to become a participant.

A NDIS plan

Every participant of the NDIS will have their own personal plan. Your plan will be discussed with your ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) Coordinator, LAC (Local Area Coordinator) or NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) planner. You will need to thoroughly discuss goals, activities and tasks that you want to achieve. Once you have discussed the needs and support that you would like in order to reach your goals, the NDIA will decide if it’s an appropriate plan for you to challenge and work on.

Your NDIS plan will have your:

- Goals which can be long or short term

- The amount of money you get for your supports and services

- The type of support you want

“Improved life choices” is a type of support that will give you access to professional Plan Managers who are able to take care of all your invoices. They will organise your invoices within an appropriate amount of time and pay them on your behalf. As this service is free of all cost, you don’t have to worry about spending out of your own pocket. This service will benefit you as you won’t have to worry about paying your providers on time, keeping receipts and consistently budgeting. Saving time will allow you to invest in your goal furthermore.

Yogi Care is a trusted organisation with professional Plan Managers to take care of all your invoices and the overwhelming paperwork. If you are interested in Yogi Care or have further inquiries regarding to Yogi Care, contact or call 08 7082 5555.

What does the NDIS fund?

The NDIS supports the Education, Health, Employment and Family of each NDIS participant. However, there are areas within education, health, employment and family that the NDIS will not fund as it may be the government services responsibility. Your LAC, ECEI coordinator or the NDIA will also be able to provide you with information regarding to what the NDIS will fund.

Here are points where the NDIS will fund to support their participant:


- Self-care: this is for assistance with self-care at school such as getting assistance with eating.

- Specialised training: the NDIS funds specialised training for teachers and other staff at school so that they know and understand the personal support a student may need due to their disability.

- Specialist transport: this may be required for the student due to his or her disability. Transportable equipment such as a wheelchair will be funded by the NDIS to improve the student’s mobility.


- Home modifications: This is so the person can become more independent and self-sufficient, it is also to make the person feel more flexible and comfortable within their own house.

- Allied health and various therapies: This may include occupational therapy so people can participate in meaningful activities, speech therapy or physiotherapy.

- Prosthetics: such as artificial limbs

- Aids and equipment: equipment that will help you adjust to everyday life. This can include adjustable beds and wheelchairs that relates to the NDIS participants disability.


- Personal care: assistance with self-care such as grooming and eating meals during work

- Aids and equipment: screen readers or speech generation devices that allow to personally communicate with people


- Disability-specific supports: this fund is for families that need the specific support due to the impact of a family member’s disability.

- Disability-specific training programs: this is a funded training program where parents and carers that may have a disability them self can receive support.

- Disability support for children, teenagers and adult: funding including, home modification for flexibility, equipment for mobility and therapies to support emotional and mental wellbeing.

There are many types of funding the NDIS will support you with. It will help you grow and allow you to become more independent. Although these funding are helpful to many, funding such as prosthetics, aids and equipment require you to fill out payments which may be over whelming. Allow Yogi Care to take care of invoices, receipts and other paper works related to payments that you will definitely want to avoid. Yogi Care has professional plan mangers that will pay your service providers on time so there are less worries on your side. If interested in Yogi Care, contact or call 08 7082 5555.

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