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Support worker oversees and the NDIS

With the promising breakthroughs to combat this pandemic, many are already in the midst of planning their first overseas getaway. Some of you may ask, should the NDIS fund my supports while I am traveling overseas? This article will clear out all the clouds of confusion as we will be providing you with information regarding the NDIS funding and what it covers when you travel overseas.

Being an NDIS participant, you will be allowed to travel and stay overseas for up to 6 weeks. Your needs when you travel overseas are similar when you are staying in Australia, thus, this means you are still entitled to the NDIS funding. If you are self-managed or plan-managed you can access the funding to buy supports and services like renting equipment, paying for a support worker to assist you.

Paying for a support worker during your travel overseas is the same as paying for his or her service when you are in Australia. They need to provide you with an invoice that contains pertinent information like their name, description of the service rendered number of hrs worked, and the total cost that will be charged under your funding. The best practice is to pay the service via credit card so that it will be translated into AUD currency immediately.

What about if I'm Agency Managed?

​An NDIA or Agency managed participant will experience quite a different path as he or she will be limited to using NDIS registered service providers only. This becomes a challenge as there is no assurance as to whether or not the country he or she is entering has registered service providers. The best practice for this is to ensure that the destination place has an available NDIS registered service provide hassle-free. This could have ripple effects with the participant’s plan as he or she will be limited to choosing destinations with NDIS registered service providers.

Do you want to experience a hassle free holiday? Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and we will help you access both NDIS registered and non – registered service providers. Enjoy your holiday and we will take care of your service provider concerns.

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