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The Keys to Successful Plan Management

There is a reason why plan management is gaining traction in the market, more participants opt to be plan managed due to ease and convenience. Imagine, ticking off the stress from ensuring that you pay your service providers on time, processing invoices and dealing with audits. It is actually like getting a personal accountant that does not cost you a penny.

1.Choosing to be Plan Managed-Once you’ve been approved for Plan Management in your NDIS plan, the NDIS will fully fund you. Your other funding will not be affected as this will be on top of your current funds. This covers a one-time set-up fee (for every plan) and twelve instalments of a monthly processing fee. If in case , you already have a plan but do not have plan management or you are currently NDIA or self managed ,you may apply for this funding by requesting for a Lite plan review. This review enables you to make simple changes from your funding which in this case is to have plan management included in your funding. Just ensure to have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

2. Meeting with your Plan Manager

Your Plan Manager will help you understand what the support categories mean and how to maximise your funding. You have to agree with your Plan Manager if you prefer transactions and communication via email, text , call or a combination on all the options. Some Plan Managers like Yogi Care do not mind if you opt to have a face to face meeting even on a weekend.

3.Tracking your NDIS funds

The best thing about having a Plan Manager is that you will have someone to track your NDIS funds. Your Plan Manager will oversee your budgets and make sure there are always funds available when you need them. While you are busy keeping progress with your goals, your plan manager will be busy ensuring that you have not overspent or underspent your funds .Most Plan Managers will give you access to your own portfolio by logging on to their online portal. This allows you to check the status of your budget, load documents and input your goals anytime, anywhere.

4.Processing your invoice

Having a Plan Manager allows you the opportunity to enjoy more time with yourself and your loved ones .Your Plan Manager will be responsible to pay your service providers on time. The exclusive online portal that your Plan Manager provides you upon signing up is a helpful tool when you want to review ,approve and ensure correct charging of invoices before processing the payment. In some out-of-pocket NDIS funded purchases, your Plan Manager will reimburse it upon receiving a complying tax invoice receipt. All you have to do is to forward your tax receipt,BSB and account number to your Plan Manager.

In general ,Plan Managers usually take 3-7 days to process the payment. Because Yogi Care not only cares for you but also your service providers we make sure that our processing time is 2-3 days only.

Your Plan Manager will be your partner throughout your NDIS journey, and though there are other 2 options for you on how to manage your funds it is important to consider which among the 3 options will give you choice and control..the choice to always choose yourself and take control over your goals. Yogi Care NDIS Plan Management takes pride in ensuring that the team are experts in the field of financial management and while delivering this, we ensure that we hear you and we truly care for you.

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