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Thinking About Getting an Early Plan Review?

Do you have an existing plan yet still uncertain if it suits you? Do you strongly feel that you need additional supports and services that will be critical towards the achievement of your goal? Are you not satisfied with your plan? Or do you have recent changes in your circumstances that you deem you need more funding or additional support? that Good news! You do not need to wait for your next plan meeting with your LAC, all you need to do is to request an early plan review.

Let’s tackle the most common reason for participants requesting an early plan review: change in circumstances. “ Change in circumstances” in the NDIS mean:

  • changes to your disability needs;

  • significant changes in your care or support provided by family or friends;

  • changes to your living arrangements such as where you live, if you live with new people, if you move overseas or into an aged care or residential facility;

  • changes to your job or that you’re looking for a job; or

  • if you receive or claim compensation for an accident or illness related to your disability.


You need to flag the NDIA and fill out the change of circumstances form as soon as changes occur or will likely occur. There are repercussions if you fail to inform NDIA about the changes, it could either be your plan and payment of supports will not be reviewed by the scheduled date or you may be asked to pay the amount of the services or supports rendered to you for the reason that you were no longer entitled to receive those services and supports.

There are different ways on how you can flag the NDIA about your change in circumstances:

In writing

By phone

  • 1800 800 110


If your concern is more on “ you are not satisfied or happy with your plan because you feel that is unfair or incorrect, then, it is important to note that the NDIS follows the “review process” which has 4 stages. There is no fee that will be charged once you request a review.

What do you need to prepare for your Early Plan Review?

  • A copy of your NDIS Plan

  • Documents that will prove the changes in your circumstances or the anticipated changes

  • Information for your service providers about what supports they have delivered and what supports you need to reach your goals for the next year

  • List of supports and services which worked and did not worked for you

  • If you have a decision-maker like a family member, you should take them to your meeting.

  • You can also take a support worker or friend who knows you well and can help you in the review meeting

  • Other pertinent information or documents you need to support your request for additional funding

The key to a successful plan review is preparation as it may or may not go in the direction where you want it to end. It could be a positive outcome which means your request has been approved, or it could be otherwise denied or rejected. There is no existing winning NDIS formula for a successful plan review but great preparation increases your chance to get the plan you are happy with. If you are aged 7-65 you will be coordinating with your LAC, if you are below 7 years old, the conversation will be with an Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinator. In most cases, the review will be submitted to the NDIA, but there are some cases wherein your LAC can make adjustments to your plan.

Do you want to maximize your NDIS plan? Get Plan Managed with Yogi Care and know all your options on how to enjoy your plan and achieve your goals.

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