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Thinking to switch to another plan manager?

Being a participant holds the responsibility of using the funds as stipulated in your plan. Staying on track with your funding is also important the same way that you are on track with your goals. The NDIS gives choice and control to participants when it comes to the management of their funds, here you have 3 options to choose from: NDIA/Agency managed, Self Managed, and Plan Managed. If ever you are currently in one of the options above and you wish to change how you manage your plan, for example being Self Managed to Plan Managed- the NDIS gives you the freedom to do so. If you are currently being Plan Managed and you feel that you need to switch to a new Plan Manager, then the discussion in this article will be able to help you.

Your Plan Manager should be able to make things light for you when it comes to managing your funds and staying on track so that you can focus on yourself and in achieving your goals, now, in the event that you feel that your Plan Manager is not the right fit for you, consider doing the following steps:

1. Research for Plan Manager options- use the NDIS website and hover different service providers. Once you have chosen a couple of names then you may proceed to check their company website and look for company feedback and reviews. You may also seek support from your family members or friends for a referral. Ensure that all the things that did not work with your old Plan Manager will be addressed with the new one, so a list of your expectations for the new Plan Manager will come in handy when you are in this process

2. Once you’ve chosen a new Plan Manager, contact your “old” Plan Manager and inform him/her about your decision

3. Get in touch with your other service providers and inform them about this change as they will be affected as well. They need to know this so that they can send their invoices to your new Plan Manager

4. Get in touch with your new Plan Manager and arrange a meeting with him/her. During the meeting, it is important to ensure that you lay out all your cards and set expectations. Ask for a service agreement and have it revised if ever there are things you are not amenable with it

Always remember that you have the right to switch to a new Plan manager at any given point that you feel your Plan Manager is not the right fit for you. This does not also entail any cost or affect your current NDIS budget as this is totally free.

Thinking to switch to a new Plan Manager? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care as we offer nothing but our expertise and passion to our clients. Allow us to be your partner throughout your NDIS journey and we will make it a stress-free ride for you.

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