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Three payment options for the NDIS

Once you have become a NDIS participant, you will receive funding and allocated budgets to support your goals. In order to pay your providers, you will need to be Plan Managed, Agency Managed or Self-Managed. Here, we will discuss the types of payment methods and the one that best suits you.


Being self-managed requires you to be highly organised. It gives you the responsibility to set dates, plan when the payments will be made and ensure that the providers are payed correctly.

There are 2 ways to pay for your supports:

Paying providers through payment requests:

- You should first make your own bank account to manage your NDIS funds. When your account is made, you may receive invoices or timesheets from your personal providers. This is when you make your Payment Request. Payment Requests can be done online through the myplace portal. This is a portal used for NDIS participants to organise their payments. The money from your NDIS Plan will be allocated into your bank within 24 to 48 hours. You will now be able to make payments to your providers.

Paying providers first, then making a payment request:

- Another way to pay your provider is by using your own money and keeping a receipt. This receipt becomes evidence that you have paid out of your own pocket. After finishing the payments, you can make a payment request to have the paid amount of money be transferred into your bank account. This method will allow you to be reimbursed within a day or two.

However, the downside of being self-managed is that it can be incredibly time consuming and stressful if the payments are mismanaged.

Agency Managed

Being Agency Managed may be a beneficial option, it saves you time and effort. However, the downside with this is that you are not able to freely choose your service providers. If your payments are agency managed, you are automatically limited to NDIS registered providers only. This may be inconvenient as:

- You may want to choose from a variety of service providers

- You may already know which service providers suits you the best

- Your desired service providers are not NDIS registered

Plan Managed

Plan Management is the ideal way of managing your payments. It means to have all your payments taken care of by a trusted plan manager. Not only are you able to have a professional plan manger to take care of all the payments for you, but you are also able to pick any service providers whether if they are NDIS registered or not.

Yogi Care is a trusted NDIS Registered Plan Management organisation with professional plan managers that focuses 100% on plan management only.

Yogi Care’s plan managers are there to manage your invoices and make payments for you on time. Having a plan manager saves you an incredible amount of time, allowing you to focus on achieving your most desired goals. If you are interested in being plan managed, contact or call 08 7082 5555 for more information regarding to plan management.

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