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Top 3 tips in maximising your NDIS funds through core supports budget

Did you know that your Core Support budget is the most flexible among the 3 NDIS funding? Yes! You heard it right, and you can play around with it to fully maximize your funds. This article will help you explore ways on how to creatively reallocate your Core Supports budget to help you reach your goals.

Core Supports budget is intended to assist NDIS participants with everyday activities it can be from gardening, cleaning to having a support worker to assist you to navigate through your whole day itinerary. With this budget’s flexibility, you will be allowed to use your funding across other supports except for transport. Remember that under Core Supports you have Consumables (e.g. purchasing everyday use items such as continence aids), daily activities, and assist with social and community participation which you can play around with. Now let us see some examples of how to maximize your Core Supports:

· Use your Core Supports funding to pay for your therapy sessions, in this way, you will be able to continue your journey towards achieving your goal rather than waiting for another Plan Review or worst, treating it as an out of the pocket expense

  • Use your Core Supports for Support Coordination services but it is important to note though that you have to maximize your Support Coordination funding first before you are allowed to use your Core Supports funding to pay for the service

  • Use your Core Supports to purchase devices like IPAD or tablets, of course, this should be within the premise of what is deemed to be reasonable and necessary. The purpose of purchasing the device should co-relate to accessing services you need in relation to your disability. Say, for example, you have transferred to a remote area wherein it is far from your preferred therapist or you can no longer have face to face therapy sessions for class or therapy due to COVID 19 precautionary measures, then you will be able to purchase IPAD or tablet using your Core Support funding

Know more options on how you will be able to use your Core Support budget with more flexibility, have a chat with us, and be Plan Managed with Yogi Care. We will help you maximize your funding so that you can focus on reaching your goals to the fullest.

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