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Travel funding guide to service providers

Yogi Care does not only take care of the welfare of the NDIS participants but to service providers as well. Working around the NDIS as a service provider is a big responsibility to take, as we all take part in the participant’s road towards independence. That is why we take into account providing snippets of useful information to service providers.

The NDIS supports individuals living with disabilities with mobility issues by providing funding for travel. Service providers can charge participants in two ways: time cost and labor costs.

When does NDIS allow service providers to charge travel costs to participants?

· Rendered face to face support

· Provided service agreement to the participant and agreed on terms of the service like cost, and other pertinent ideas

· An approved service provider to render travel support -as not all service providers are entitled to charge travel costs.

Time costs

As a service provider, you are allowed to charge time costs incurred to a participant’s plan up to a maximum duration. Providers can claim the time to travel to a client, up to a maximum of:30 minutes delivered in a metropolitan or 60 minutes for a service rendered for a regional area. It is important to clearly define what region means – it is where the support is being delivered and not where the provider comes from. If you are a service provider which offers an in-home or mobile service as a therapist, you can charge for return travel cost.

Non-labour (vehicle) costs

Activity-based transport allows service providers to charge costs to service rendered at the participant’s location which in this case -where the activity or event is located. The providers are allowed to include parking fees, toll fees, and running costs of the vehicle.

Are you an NDIS service provider and you are looking to expand and improve your service to your clients? Partner with Yogi Care Plan Management and we will ensure that your clients will get excellent customer service in terms of managing their funds.

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