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What about the Accessible Australia App?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

As we fully embrace the new norm and the digital dominance, it is nice to know that tools for people with disabilities are also adapting to these changes. Today we will walk you through about Accessible Australia app and how it can serve its purpose to people with disabilities.

What is the Accessible Australia app?

The Accessible Australia app is a tool intended for individuals with physical disabilities. It provides access to information on places across Australia like restaurants, hotels, parks, beaches, and the likes. It also allows the individual to ensure accessibility spots in their chosen place of interest, make an informed decision by gaining access to what others have to say about the place, help others make an informed decision by leaving a review about the place, and can even add points of interest.

Navigating the accessible Australia app

1.Open the browser and log in to

2.Allow access to location

3.Click the profile button found on the right side of the screen

4.Sign in by using your FB or Google credentials

5.Key in the search bar your point of interest or the location you want to go

6.The app will take you to clusters of venues in an area with varying levels of accessibility

The levels of accessibility are color-coded -green means highly accessible, yellow means need to check first and red means zero accessibility

7.You can also opt to filter the following:

· reviews

· nearby options

· your point of interest according to its accessible rating

It is reassuring to know that with today’s changes and new norms, the tools for people with disabilities stayed up to date to ensure that access to information, supports, and services are available.

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