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What are capital supports?

Alongside Core and Capacity Building Supports are Capital Supports. This article will cover the discussion on this specific category. The Capital supports budget usually covers modifications and higher-cost pieces of technology that will assist you with your disability.

The Capital supports budget involves two categories:

1.Assistive technology

An assistive Technology as defined under NDIS are “physical supports that help participants do something more easily /safely and do something they otherwise cannot do because of disability. It is important to be reminded though that there are 4 levels of ATs:

Level 1 (basic):

These are items or equipment that are usually available on the shelf and do not need any installation technicalities. It cost less than $1500. Some examples include nonslip bathmats, large print labels, doorbells, etc. The funding is under your Core budget

Level 2 (standard):

While level 1 are on shelf and are easily bought at any retail stores, level 2 are typically 'off the shelf' ATs like rails, bath seat

Level 3 (specialized):

These items require specific modifications to suit the needs of the participant. Examples include home modifications, vehicle modifications. The NDIA requires quotation for the funding to be approved

Level 4 (complex):

are typically high cost since they are tailored- fit uniquely for the individual. Requires an assessment and a written quote, examples include: power wheelchairs, major structural home modifications

2.Home modifications

Changes made to the structure, layout, or fittings of your home to tailor-fit to your needs. Examples include-installing rails and lifts, relocation of light switches to improve access, platform steps, access ramps, widening of doorways, and other environmental control systems.

The NDIS will grant funding only when they deem that it is reasonable and necessary. So how do you prove it? Carefully lay out all your goals. You can always start by jotting down which areas do you find it hard to move or function? It is best that you always partner with someone who knows you or lives with you so that she/he may also contribute ideas.

We can help.

Do you need help in maximizing your Capital Supports budget? Be Plan Managed and we will help you with that.

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