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What are in-kind supports?

Before jumping into the current state, it is best to know how in-kind supports came about prior to the NDIS. The setup before was a pre-paid lump sum payment to service providers so that they can render services and supports to people with disabilities.

With the current NDIS funding, participants can live up to a life with choice and control as they get to choose who they would like to work with. In some instances, the old system is still being followed and this is called in-kind supports wherein service providers are paid in advance, these supports will not be utilizing your NDIS plan. The NDIA is also responsible for all financial arrangements like payment requests. Gradually, in-kind supports will transition to the NDIS.

Pointers to remember:

· In-kind supports are pre-paid, so you do not have to settle payments

· You may be able to choose your preferred service providers once your in-kind supports stop being prepaid

· The NDIA may provide service booking so that you will know what in-kind supports will you be getting

· If you are unsure about your in-kind supports, contact your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator

· Since your in-kind supports are pre-paid you will be dealing with nominated service providers and will not have the option to choose

· Participant may be able to choose their preferred service providers once payment of their in-kind supports has ended, We recommend that participants should do the following once this happens:

1.Prepare for your next Plan Review- think about what services and supports worked for you, any recent changes, or new goals you want to achieve? challenges you encountered with your service providers and how you want to move forward with your plan

2.Research-about new service providers who you want to work with and assess whether they can help you achieve your goals

3.Ask options on how you can manage your funding.

Do you have an NDIS plan and you want to maximize it? Be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and know your options.

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