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What is a provider compliance letter ?

A provider compliance letter is a letter given by the NDIA to a provider who may have an error in making a payment request. Few examples of the common errors are multiple number of claims for a particular support which are higher than average ,incorrect line items and even incorrect dates.

Once you receive the letter ,the NDIA requests the service provider to act on it by:

  • reading the letter fully to understand what are the things you need to change or revise.

  • reviewing the claim for payment, check whether it is correct .

  • contact the National Contact Centre (NCC) 1800 800 110 for further assistance.

To avoid any future errors, make sure to check the following details and ensure that they are all correct:

  • right participant

  • exact support delivered and line item

  • correct rate and correct date

Part of compliance also is to ensure that you have all the records which form part in rendering your service to your participants, records such as : invoices, service agreements, and other pertinent documents that will prove the supports you provided.These will also help the agency get information if selected for a compliance review.It is good to know that the NDIA has a lot of programs in placed to ensure provider compliance like : filed based assurance activities ,regular payment testing, use of data analytics to detect errors and non compliance and they are consistently working with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to protect clients.

The NDIS is an ecosystem on its own. Each plays an important role which forms part towards achieving its ultimate goal which is to help people with disabilities reach their goals.

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