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What is an Impact Statement?

Impact Statement or a carer statement is a written letter by someone who provides care for or someone involved in the treatment of an individual living with a disability. It can also be provided by any person, family member or provider that supports and cares for a person with a disability. It states how their disability affects their day to day function and the impact to the people around the person. It is an instrumental tool which the NDIA need to verify how much care and support an individual may need ,thus affecting their funding allocation. An Impact Statement is not compulsory but it can help reinforce the supports and services you need ,thus impacts your funding.

There is no formal NDIS template to develop a Care’s Statement, it can just be in a form of an informal letter what is important is the content. Here are some things we suggest which should be included on your carer’s statement:

  • The specific disability and a detailed description how it is impacting the participant’s day to day function as well as the people around him/her.

  • Supports provided ,how often, the cost,and the emotional impact that may occur.

  • Supports needed (physical or emotional)- like walker, wheelchair or community involvement

  • Carer’s on going action plans in response to the participant’s needs.

  • Needs and goals of the carer.

  • Impact of the carer’s goals and needs to the participant.

  • other informal supports they have, such as family or friends.

  • any other important information for the NDIA to know .

Another detailed way of formatting an impact or carer’s statement is to explain each of the 8 categories within the NDIS .In each mentioned category, explain what supports are provided, how often, the cost involved as well as the emotional impact that can sometimes occur.

These 8 categories are:

· 1. Daily Living

· 2. Home

· 3. Health and Well-being

· 4. Lifelong Learning

· 5. Work

· 6. Social and Community Participation

· 7. Relationships

· 8. Choice and Control

An Impact Statement may not be mandatory, but it will sure help you firm up the rationale why you need specific supports and services and what better way to do this is to have your carer or family member provide you with this report as they are a credible source to paint your current picture.

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