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What is an NDIS nominee?

Becoming an NDIS participant requires responsibilities and decision-making. The beauty of how NDIS works is aimed at empowering individuals living with disabilities to practice choice and control by deciding what’s best for themselves. However, the NDIA also recognizes the fact that there may be circumstances wherein the participant may not be able to decide for himself or herself. Or it could also be a matter of flawlessly navigating through the NDIS -its terms, who to coordinate, understanding the different NDIS funding, who’s responsible with what, how to request for additional funding, and more. There are different NDIS support systems put in place responsible for assisting the participant.

All of the participants will be meeting with a Local Area Coordinator or planner which is responsible to sit down with the participant in a planning meeting to discuss goals, needs and it will then be the basis for funding allocation. The second support available is the Support Coordinator which ensures that your plan is implemented properly by ensuring that you get the right supports and services in relation to your goals.

Another support is having a nominee. A nominee is someone a participant nominates to deal with, discuss and decide on his or her behalf. It is important to note that this is the last resort measure as there are already supports available in place.

There are 2 types of nominee – plan nominee and correspondence nominee.

A plan nominee is expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities as defined by the NDIS : attend plan meetings, coordinate with providers, ensures proper plan implementation, ensure that the participant’s welfare is the top priority in making decisions. In short, a plan nominee is an extension of yourself. Though the participant is giving full authority to the nominee, the participant can also set limitations or scope as to which areas a nominee can act or decide on his or her behalf. The nominee can be appointed for a set period of time or until a specified period of time in accordance with the participant’s will. At any given circumstance wherein the participant wishes to change his or her nominee or deem that she or he needs an additional nominee, he or she is entitled to do so. Should the participant choose to add a nominee, he or she may delegate areas where each nominee is guided with the scope and areas where he or she can act on behalf of the participant.

The NDIA may be able to make a review whether or not the participant still needs a nominee or not. In some cases wherein the NDIA deems that the participant no longer needs a nominee to fulfill his or her duties, both the participant and the nominee will be informed of the decision.

Requesting for a nominee

The participant may simply communicate directly with the NDIA through a phone call or email them regarding your concern. Another great option is to talk to your assigned Local Area Coordinator.

Another great support to which an NDIS participant is entitled is having a Plan Manager. What’s good about it is that it will not cost you anything nor it will affect your other funding. Choosing to be Plan Managed is an allocation on top of your other funding.

Do you need someone to help you stay on track with your funding? Choose Yogi Care Plan Management and allow us to help you live a stress-free NDIS journey.

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