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What to expect during plan review

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The NDIS is designed in a way that cultivates progress. Your needs and goals may have changed over time that is why a Plan Review is as critical as your Plan Meeting. Take for example your assistive technology may have helped you become more independent, thus, decreasing your need for personal assistance. For participants below 7 years old, a Plan review may happen between your Early Childhood Partner and your parents or legal guardian. If you are 7 years old-65 years old depending on your situation, your Plan Review should be with your Local Area Coordinator/ NDIS Planner.

Below are the things needed to be discussed during Plan Review:

  1. Feedback on what supports and services are working for you.

  2. Progress check in each of your goals.

  3. New goals that you want to achieve.

The NDIS also mentioned that if you have minute changes about your plan but you still need the same support, they will consider giving you a new plan given that is reasonable and necessary.

Plan Review is also a great opportunity for you to ask for options on how to manage your NDIS funds. Choosing Yogi Care as your Plan Manager takes you one step closer to achieving your goals as we are experts in the field of financial management. Talk to us today, and get focused on improving yourself.

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