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Why choose Plan Management with Yogi Care?

Current trend shows that being Plan Managed is the fastest growing option for NDIS participants in managing their funds. Having a Plan Manager allows you to stay away from all the unnecessary and exhausting paperwork. Therefore, choosing the right Plan Manager is very crucial for you. There are plenty of service providers out there that offer Plan Management. However, we will discuss why you should choose Yogi Care.

Yogi Care offers unparalleled customer service

The heart of our operation revolves around you and no one else. We are here to listen and support you every step of the way. Therefore, we have designed customer service hotline to ensure that all your worries, concerns or queries will be treated with the utmost urgency. Our team is driven and passionate in assisting you with your needs because YOU matter to us.

Yogi Care offers unmatched expertise

Yogi Care is serviced by a group of Professional Accountants with experiences in business, accounting, and taxation.

Yogi Care offers inclusivity

As part of our family, you will gain access to your own portal where you can check your account anytime, anywhere through web. You will also have access to both NDIS registered and non NDIS registered providers once you are plan managed.

Yogi Care offers efficiency that is hassle free

We can track your NDIS funds in terms of consumption and constantly update you. We make prompt payment of your service providers and to provide you with on time reports and invoices. In addition, we will be responsible in keeping your records not only for audit purposes but also for security and safety.

Being Plan Managed is not the only thing, getting the best Plan Manager seals up your NDIS journey. Joining us would equate to giving yourself the quality life you deserve, a stress-free life at no additional cost to you. Allow us to help you unload your worries in managing your NDIS funds.

Join us today ! please email us at or give us a call at 08 7082 5555. services by professional accountants at

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