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Why you should have Plan Management?

You have gone through the hoops and loops of

securing the necessary documents needed for your NDIS funding and now that you are officially an NDIS participant you will be called for a Plan Meeting with your LAC. Be ready with your goals and we are pretty sure that you want to maximize your funding at its fullest ,thus, you may need support in tracking with your funds. You see, being an NDIS participant entails responsibilities in managing your funds. The plan meeting is the best opportunity for you to ask about your options in managing your NDIS funds. Do note that an NDIS plan must include : goals,objectives and aspirations,community supports,social and economic participation,statement of supports,review date and plan management option. Your Local Area Coordinator will be showing you the list of service providers that will be available for you to choose from.

Why is Plan Manager beneficial?

1.Instead of you taking care of paying your service providers on time, your plan manager will take care of that.

2.Instead of you processing the invoices,your plan manager will do that.

3.You can have access to your own portal where you can freely access it anytime anywhere.

  1. You will not be audited, but your plan manager will be.

  2. You will have choice and control over your service providers as you can access both NDIS and non NDIS registered providers.

If you are currently Agency Managed and you wish to shift to being Plan Managed here are the steps you need to do :

1. Call NDIS 1800 800 110

2. Inform NDIS that you want to have a LIGHT TOUCH REVIEW .

( a light touch review is a term used to coin the process involved when a participant wants to make few changes like from being Agency Managed /Self Managed to being Plan Managed.

Yogi Care offers expertise ,efficiency that’s hassle free and we adjust according to our client’s personal needs. Be part of our growing family and be Plan Managed with Yogi Care NDIS Plan Management TODAY.

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