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Working Around with your NDIS Transport Funding

For a lot of people living with a disability, getting to and from their appointments might pose a challenge due to mobility issues. This article will be a quick guide for those who want to explore how NDIS funding can assist you with your transport needs.

· Travelling with a support worker

If you are unable to drive your car due to the impact of your disability, the NDIS may be able to provide you with funding through Assistance with Social and Community Participation. This funding will allow you to pay for a support worker to drive you when going to your appointments, shopping trips, going to get groceries, going to parks a or assist you when you engage in community programs or events. Charging will be on a per-hour basis which includes the travel time of the support worker going to and from your residence. Additional costs will also be charged like parking costs and tolls.

· Capacity building training

If you would like to build your skills in order for you to travel independently, the NDIS may provide you with funding under Improved Daily Living which is under Capacity Building Support. This will allow you to join training or driving lessons in order to build a strong foundation on how to travel independently in the future.

· Vehicle modification funding

If you require a specialized and modified vehicle in order for you to transport from one place to another, the NDIS may be able to support you through - Assistive Technology' which covers modifications. This funding will ensure that you will be able to perform safety measures when lifting the wheelchair in and out of your car, transported safely while in your wheelchair and it can also cover customized controls that have to be done to your vehicle to address your barriers or challenges thus making it easier, safer and efficient for you.

Bear in mind that when you request funding it should be reasonable and necessary-which means it is related to your disability and gives value for money. There are some cases wherein the NDIS may grant the funding but will only cover a portion of what they deem as reasonable and necessary.

Do you have an NDIS fund and you need to access reliable transport service providers or support workers? Choose to be Plan Managed with Yogi Care and access both NDIS registered and non-registered service providers.

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